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Custom Web Development
A custom web design is tailored specifically for your organisation. A unique design, that sets your organisation’s website apart from the herd, will definitely aggrandize your opportunities for success. Custom designs are created in alignment with your logo, product and even service.
Our Website Development Process
  1. Planning: While adhering to your requirements and budget, a list of features, for the website, is created.
  2. Designing and Development: A custom design with an exquisite user interface is developed while keeping in mind your target customers/ clients.
  3. Testing: Throughout the designing process, we test the website and optimize it for providing you with a seamless experience.
  4. SEO: Your website is optimized to offer a better user experience and a more desirable ranking.

    Websites designed by us give you granular level control for customization. You would be able to effortlessly alter pictures and add blog posts without the help of an expert. Our custom web development expertise stems from our experience in developing custom web solutions with impressive user interfaces that have helped clients manage their businesses efficiently. We actively stay up-to-date with the latest web development tools and technology so that we can help our customers achieve alluring results.
E-Commerce Web Development

Running a successful E-commerce store, depends upon its user friendly features. E-commerce platforms, developed by us, enable you to have a feature-rich storefront as well as an attractive and sales optimized website. Our team focuses on interactive, highly featured solutions for your e-store.

Our E-Commerce solutions are fully integrated with clients and customers demands and have the following advantages:
  1. User friendly, easy checkout process for new and experienced customers.
  2. Image Zoom and multiple images for per product.
  3. Product Search functionality by categories, subcategories, size and colors.
  4. Shipping and tax calculations functionality.
  5. Easy to upload and manage products Details.
  6. Integration of payment gateway (PayPal, and other bank payment gateways)
  7. Easy to maintain orders and invoices.
  8. Integration of many useful modules.
Mobile Website Development

Traffic to websites, from handheld devices, is augmenting substantially. Everyone is using them to access content on the web to shop, socialize, and play games. This trend shows no signs of abating and pressure is mounting on traditional website owners to make their resources available for users on the go.

With our interactive and responsive flagship mobile Website you can up the ante for your customers. The lucid design provides users with a memorable experience and keeps them coming for more. We always bring into play the latest technologies with a view to create smooth and modern mobile website designs and personalize the site to match your brand!

For websites that requires a lot of user interaction and more tailored mobile functionality, we recommend building a dedicated mobile website. With this approach, we address mobile specific challenges such as navigation, data entry, visibility, and load time to create a seamless experience for mobile users.

Some Special Features of our Mobile Website Development are:
  1. ROI Driven Mobile Website Design
  2. Optimized for Touch and Mobile
  3. Unique mob URL
  4. Mobile Analytics Included
Mobile Website Development gives you the following advantages
  1. Mobile Websites Are Instantly Available
  2. Mobile Websites Can Be Updated Instantly
  3. Mobile Websites Can be Found Easily
  4. A Mobile Website Can be an Mobile Application
  5. Time and Cost – Mobile Websites are Easier and Less Expensive
  6. Support and Sustainability
Content Management System

Content Management System enable organisation and deployment of content as easy as pie. Users do not require prior technical knowledge of websites to use CMSs. Depending on client requirements, we integrate a set of solutions that provide a user friendly way of controlling information. CMS also helps users to manage their website data effectively and easily.

Our Content-driven Applications Advantages
  1. Integration of Editing Tools – To create, edit and publish web content
  2. Multi-user Editing Feature
  3. Built-in Security
  4. Search Engine Friendly
We work with our clients to understand their business exigencies, offer the apt options and furnish the unbeatable solution on the following frameworks
  1. Net
  2. WordPress
  3. Magento
Website Maintenance

Bugs and errors in websites are a huge risk to a brand’s goodwill. Our website maintenance services ensure proper functioning and prevent break-downs. Our team members revise the current status of the website, analyze possible bugs, and start working on improvement plans for a hassle free experience. We apply bug tracking systems or code errors to guarantee fast issue recognition, processing, and reporting.
Our Maintenance services include:

  1. Issue Detection
  2. System Configuration Improvement
  3. Code Errors or Bug Detection and Removal

Content upgradation: it behoves websites to have fresh, updated and accurate content in order to lure in more visitors and to skyrocket profits. Old content should be archived for prompt references.
Technology upgradation: Out of date websites can be an anchor to organisation’s growth. Old technology can hamper performance and can be baleful for generating leads. Information Backup: Regular backups ensure data recovery even after an adventitious event occurs. Restoring files to a previous version becomes a cakewalk with real time backup.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are indispensable for gaining prospects and converting them into customers/ clients. We, at Way2promo, Build Landing Pages that translate directly into higher conversions on your PPC, email, banner and social media campaigns.
We have expert copywriters and designers and we help you to grow your business. Our landing pages convert at over 10%, even as high as 17%.

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