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Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS is the new and quick way to spread your messages into the consumer market. It demands minimum investment but gives maximum result. With increasing use of mobile phones every day, SMS marketing became more potential marketing tool. Top of that, people these days try their best to skip commercial ads on TV or social media. This is where SMS works as a reliever as people tend to give a short look to every message they receive on phone. Marketing messages comes in 2-3 lines figure which gives out the information very quickly. The reader left with the option to accept your message and take the information.

This is why bulk SMS advertising has become more important in marketing campaigns. This is the definite tool that delivers the message to potential customers without any fail. It increases the chances of information delivery to a large number of people in same time. SMS gateway providers not only offer message delivery but also can help you to send out offers and discount coupons.

Advantage of Bulk SMS campaign:

  • It instantly reaches to a large number of customers based in a wider area.
  • Chances of failure is less in bulk SMS advertizing as messages get delivered to a switched off phone whenever it get switched on.
  • There is no option to miss or spam a bulk SMS promotion as the receiver has to read it whether they want or not.
  • It’s more personalized way to stay in touch with regular customers and approach new customers.
  • Receiving feedback is instant if you use missed call services along with bulk SMS advertising.
  • And the most important point is sending bulk SMS is much cheaper than any other marketing tools.

Why Buy Bulk SMS Service from us:

  • Faster speed: once you sign up for bulk SMS service with us, you will not need to worry if it has reached to your potential customer or not. Our Bulk SMS gateway ensures 100% instant delivery in couple of minutes
  • Better price: with us you will get the best SMS solution services at a much cheaper price.
  • Speedy start: our registration process is faster than any other bulk SMS marketing company which saves a lot of your time.
  • Continuous support: we have efficient customer service team which will help you whenever you get stuck with any technical issue.

Way2promo, the reliable bulk SMS service provider:

We offer the most attractively priced bulk SMS campaign options that no other bulk SMS marketing company does in here. With us, you just need to register yourself and we will take care of the rest. Our strong ethical business practice makes us the best SMS service provider in this city. We are most efficient bulk SMS API provider in India as we offer campaign services with API, Sender ID's & delivery reports. The reports we send to our customers are always the updated one with latest data sets

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