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Way2promo is the leading Transactional SMS Provider in India. We provide our customers with a Template based Transactional SMS Gateway solutions. Our Premium Transactional SMS in India Gateway Computer Program, you can integrate with your own website along with our Bulk SMS API.

Our Premium SMS Gateway service can be used for designing, building, hosting and operating your own SMS based applications.

In addition, our Multiple Gateway connectivities with the leading mobile operators in the country, provide you with an opportunity to take your business reach to the highest level. We are offering you both the non-premium and the web based premium Bulk SMS solutions.

We also offer you transactional SMS services which you can use according to the guidelines of the TRAI. Why most companies opt for a transactional SMS route is that they can be used for sending critical alerts and information messages. Since our Transactional SMS route is template based, so there are no chances of spam. So it is safest and the secure route to send SMS. Otherwise in today’s world, the increasing security threat, spam emails and links have made skeptic. Most smartphone users open SMS after proper verification.

And if they find an element of doubt in the message, they will never open the message.
Transactional SMS Features
Way2promo offers Transactional SMS Services, can be used by any selected category companies which are given by TRAI. Some of the features are listed below.
DELIVERY TIME24*7 Delivery
DND NUMBERSAll numbers delivered.
SMS DELIVERY Using predefined approved templates
SENDER ID Dynamic Numeric Sender ID Ex- DM-PANKAJ
GATEWAY OPTIONHigh Priority SMS Gateway
MULTIPLE SMS GATEWAYAutomatically assigned to all clients
SET UP COSTZero Charges
Why Transnational Route : Transnational SMS Routes basically you can be used for sending critical alert and informational messages. Since we are providing Templates based SMS hence is 100% spam free and secure.

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