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SMPP Software/Solution - a technical facilitator in MSG transmission for Gateway
The SMPP Gateway gets high preference due to the high volume SMS traffic between ESME and SMPP server. The primary use of SMPP is sending and receiving SMS in medium to high volumes. SMPP uses a standard Internet connection to connect to an SMPP provider, to do away with or complete the purchase of a GSM modem or a SIM card. SMPP offers the following advantages over a GSM modem: Send by a meaningful name, e.g., a company name instead of a phone number. Send a short-codes; 3, 4, or 5 digits of the phone number instead of the normal length.

When it comes to Way2promo SMS, we are aware of the process of making the developer stronger and well renowned in the market. We have our decade long experience, which we have arranged for the SMPP gateway API for developers and re-seller. We have the technical team offering you support in all required integrations for the existing applications. Indeed you can leverage the SMPP gateway we have. A complete usage takes place to our SMPP SMS Gateway API by the Enterprises, SMS Aggregators, whole Sellers, and aggregators that want to connect their company applications or software for sending Transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS to customers worldwide.

What is SMPP?
The term "SMPP" stands to mean “Short Message Peer to Peer” and is used to transmit and receive messages to and from TDMA, GSM, iDEN, UMTS cell phones and is technically leveled to level-7 TCP/IP protocol allowing faster delivery of SMS messages. Users can enjoy a few advantages by using the SMPP protocol in place of receiving / sending messages via a GSM modem.

Short message peer to peer or SMSC engaged in exchanging of Bulk SMS between SMSC (Short Message Service Center) and ESME (External Short Messaging Entity) following TCP/IP protocol which allows fast delivery. SMSC send and receive message from and to GSM, UMTS, iDEN, CDMA & TDMA cell phones, this provide flexible and reliable data communication. SMSC support two way messaging by which long text message, binary message or flash SMS can be send.

Sending SMS SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) is a protocol of the telecommunications industry for exchanging messages (SMS); it is used to send and receive notifications (SMS-MT) on mobiles and responses from these mobile (SMS-MO) using GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA (USA) network. It is based on the TCP protocol for transmission (Transmitter) and the IP protocol for the reception (Receiver). Transmission and reception can be done simultaneously in TCP / IP with a transceiver connection.

Different entities use this protocol: Telecom operators (SMS Center ), IT services companies, hosting providers, etc. Indeed, the latter is used to simplify integration and development for sending bulk SMS (messages). It is the most common protocol for direct communication with the SMS-Center of an operator between two entities, and therefore SMS delivery is speedy.

It is often used to allow third parties (Application To Application, etc.) to send messages with the SMPP protocol, often in bulk.
Qualities of SMPP
  • Cost Effective

  • Alphanumeric sender ID

  • Delivery Receipt

  • Unicode Language support

  • Super-fast delivery upto 1000 message/sec

  • High TPS (throughput per second)

  • Easy Routing and great Q management

  • Easy SMPP integration with panel

Steps of SMPP
  1. Send Request for SMPP.
  2. We will go through your panel and provide you with User name, Password, IP address and Port.
  3. Integrate our SMPP to your Panel.
  4. Transmit Bulk SMS from your panel for extraordinary performance and fast delivery.
  5. From SMPP message goes to SMSC (where data is stored and routing is done for fast delivery) and delivered to ESME.
  6. Message can be received back on short code sender ID after SMPP Integration.
Way2promo as an SMPP Service Provider
  1. Way2promo SMPP application makes sure rapid delivery of the messages without fail. The Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol uses a client-server application that is successful analyses all over the globe.
  2. The Other messaging systems maximum of up to 20 messages/second can be sent whereas through SMPP, Rat SMS can send up to 1000 messages/second. It supports Unicode messaging, binary and plain texts along with the extended length text SMS.
  3. This is authentic as issues of undelivered and failed messages do not appear when you send the messages between the SMS server.
  4. SMPP app provides two-way messaging, lets you get live delivery reports of campaigns and allows a custom sender to be set up.
  5. SMPP gateway is supported by a high-end infrastructure and provides secure and reliable gateway communications. You can track live traffic apart from apprehending delivery reports via our control panels.
  6. SMPP Gateway acts as a transmitter, transceiver as well as a receiver using the binds mode and provides you with the multiple sessions bind.
  7. Multiple Operator Connectivity for redundancy and faster delivery. Load Balancing capability for maximum uptime.

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