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Let your customers easily remember you with your short code
Short Code service is a 5 digit number used to pull / capture responses from different modes of advertising like print, television, radio, outdoor media, promotional literature, point of sale goods etc.

In today’s world, the short code service has gained immense popularity because of its multiple advantages for a business. The short code services are aimed at catering to the businesses ranging from small to the large. The short code service based web control panel increases your reach in the market.

The user-friendly interface resolves all complexities regarding the short code management. You will find the complete info regarding the short code in the control panel. You can access any info related to the sender ranging from the operator, mobile number to the date & time of the message. Now you can manage the reply messages for the every keyword and the sub-keywords and it will be now very easy for you to export real time reports in excel.

The use of the short code services is being done for conducting online polls, SMS contests and subscription services etc. And when it comes to the short code services in India, the name of Way2promo always comes first. We have so far catered hundred thousand of national and international clients. The 5 digit numbers we provide you are easy to remember and very interactive in nature. Some of its benefits are as follows:

It is the easiest way to generate leads via ads. You get an unlimited number of Free-Auto Reply SMS, SMS alert, Live Support, Email alert and unlimited sub keywords.
The Key Features
  • Straight forward, hassle free integration

  • Web-hook / API Support

  • Unlimited Free Auto Reply SMS

  • Unlimited sub keywords

  • Email Alert

  • SMS Alert

  • Live Support

So what are you waiting for! Feel free

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