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Bulk SMS is a platform where you can simply send a million texts at the same time, with a simple click of a button. It is used to make any sort of news, information, product, services, and brand to various people.

SMS beats every other channel hands down and offers ten times the response rate, in today’s world of cell phone. Bulk SMS can help enhance your conversion rates across the customer lifecycle- acquisition, engagement and retention by implementing action links within the message.

Of course you can. We offer such services to our clients. Before you buy our services, we give you details of our dummy account. You can use them as per your needs and requirements.

It is quite easy. You will get a confirmation text for your messages in your account itself.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is limited to 160 character text string and it does not include any graphics, audio or images.

Bulk SMS can be sent at a low per SMS cost to hundreds or thousands of recipients simultaneously. SMS messages are almost always read and, if content is right, responded to immediately. You can target specific categories and people with higher chances of getting responses.

You can send 100 SMS in one lot and each SMS will reach the recipient number in 5 seconds, making it instantaneous.

You can make advance payment through a variety of methods and the amount will be credited to your SMS account. When SMS messages are sent your account is debited according to the rate per SMS. Even if messages fail to reach recipient your account is debited according to rules of mobile operators. When your balance is low we send you alerts so that you can recharge.

Except for the predefined one, there is no lower limit than that specified or any upper limit.

We have flexible arrangements. We can set up bulk SMS so that you can send it on your own. Alternatively, we take care of everything and give you reports fortnightly or monthly. We set up a user account with a user ID and password for you and assure strict confidentiality of all transactions.

We have lists of SMS numbers in all categories in all regions and cities available at nominal charges. When you opt for our bulk SMS you can also send us your list of contact numbers. All our numbers are opt-in with no restrictions of DND.

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