Short Code Service

Adapting short codes is a mark of professionalism and enables better responses from target audiences. Way2promo offers 5 digit short code services in all of India where mobile telecom services are available. You can use these short codes for voting, SMS polling and many other uses.

What we do

  • Way2promo will coordinate with telecom operators to get you 5 digit short codes
  • We can put in place custom applications for SMS polling and surveys incorporating the short codes for responses
  • We can manage responses on your behalf
  • We can put in place automated services that generate appropriate text messages
  • You receive categorized reports


  • Unlimited sub-keywords
  • Email alerts
  • SMS alerts
  • Free auto replies
  • URL Forwarding

Short codes help project an air of professionalism to your business and will encourage target audiences to respond in various ways. You can improve your services, generate more leads, promote more products to more people across specific geographic locations and maintain better customer relationships. We help you get it right and our excellent technical services relieve you of the burden while letting you enjoy the benefits.

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