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Bulk SMS Software

Snowebs SMS Manager is ultimate Bulk SMS Software which sends bulk SMS using your NOKIA GSM/CDMA mobile phone* or through Snowebs SMS Gateway. Snowebs is among the leaders in providing effective, efficient SMS text messaging software applications. (Ready to use desktop Software) Snowebs has its development centre in NOIDA, INDIA providing SMS based solutions to its clients from various business sectors and covering Delhi, NOIDA, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Surat, Gujarat, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai.

You can connect your Nokia GSM/CDMA Mobile Phone using datawire, bluetooth or infrared. You can use any NOKIA mobile phone having bluetooth feature, even the phone can be connected through Datacable also but it must have bluetooth feature. Using Snowebs SMS Manager you can import mobile numbers from any file (Text/MS Word/MS Excel/Database/Web Page), even you don't need to put all mobile numbers in column - this feature put Snowebs SMS Manager on the top of the list in the SMS Software industry. Using Snowebs SMS Manager you can start sending SMS in seconds. This also allows you to send personalised SMS i.e. you can use name of the person in the message without typing the message individually. Click here for more features

Bulk SMS Software can help every business which tries to get as close as it can to its customers. The aim is to keep customers up to date with company news, products or service updates, relevant information about their accounts, or to send them notifications for important events. Bulk SMS Software can help you in doing this as mobile phones are a commodity today, and SMS (Short Message Service) offer an intriguing solution. SMS are delivered in a matter of seconds, and customers are far more likely to receive SMS and read SMS, no matter their current locations and SMS are FREE for reciever in India (In Roaming Some Operator may charge for SMS from customer). When you use SMS Software for sending SMS, you are sure that your customers are aware about the latest product/services you are offering. Bulk SMS in India are quite economical, most of the GSM and CDMA Operators offer low cost for domestic SMS and national SMS. Snowebs SMS Manager (BULK SMS Software India) have the facility of sending SMS using GSM or CDMA NOKIA Mobile Phone with connectivity via Data Cable, Infrared or Bluetooth. In continuation to provide the best SMS Software to our customers in India, Snowebs has added a new feature of sending SMS using Internet Gateway this new feature in Bulk SMS Software helps you sending SMS with high speed (60 SMS Per Minute). This feature also allows you to display your Brand Name as the Sender Of the SMS, it helps in making your Brand as well. Bulk SMS Software helps you in reaching to every customer you need to reach.

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